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Best Satellite Internet

While satellite may not be as synonymous with Internet as cable, DSL or fiber optic cable, it’s an option that’s gaining traction in the market today for its privy of attractive benefits. For instance, just like other high-speed Internet options, satellite Internet is always on. Additionally, the cost of satellite Internet is comparable to competing Internet options, especially if you’re working with the best satellite Internet providers.

Here’s a look at some other benefits of satellite Internet:

It’s available anywhere

Satellites aren’t limited by geography, making the service an attractive option for consumers anywhere and everywhere. One of the best satellite Internet options is that it’s able to reach you wherever you are because the signal is being transmitted from space, 20,000 miles above Earth, and not from hard wiring. It doesn’t matter how remote your location is, satellite can likely provide you with an Internet signal. That’s one big competitive advantage satellite holds over the likes of cable and DSL, which often aren’t offered in rural settings.

What speeds to expect

Satellite Internet is a high-speed option. While upload and download speeds vary by provider, speeds are often estimated to be about nine times faster than the traditional dial-up Internet method, making it comparable with DSL, cable and fiber optic. What’s more is that satellite speeds won’t bog down during busy usage times as they often do for cable Internet subscribers. This is because satellite subscribers aren’t sharing the network with others.

Easy installation options

Installation is easy, fast and hassle-free when carried out by the best satellite Internet providers. There’s no wiring that needs to be installed in your home, just a dish in most cases, thereby making the process a convenient one. Considering that installation can be expensive – especially in the case of laying fiber optic cable – satellite installation is also an affordable option when it comes to start-up costs too.

Best satellite Internet providers

Satellite Internet is typically offered by satellite TV providers. And one common disadvantage to satellite TV is that you can lose your signal, and thereby your picture, when it rains, snows or storms. In fact, satellite competitors aren’t shy about noting this when talking with you about why their service is better than satellite. So if it can happen with TV, can this happen with satellite Internet? The fact is that this is a common myth associated with satellite service today. While weather may have been traditionally responsible for disrupting signals, technology has advanced to the point where satellites today are able to orbit and move around weather patterns to ensure that you have a quality signal all the time so you can truly have an “always on” connection. Furthermore, the same cannot always be said for the likes of cable and DSL, as network outages have the potential to take you offline for hours when they occur.


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